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meet the team

Knickknack Cafe wouldn't be Knickknack Cafe if it weren't for Waan and Dave. The two decided to open up shop in 2015 after realising there wasn't enough quality coffee and food in the area.


With Waan's barista skills and sweet tooth, and Dave's finesse in the kitchen, Knickknack quickly became a fan favourite amongst locals and businesses nearby.


Don't be fooled by the small store-front - all of our cakes are made in-house, breakfast and lunch are fresh and made to order (and yes, it's super hot inside and no, we don't have air-con!).



One half of the two that brought Knickknack to life, Waan is a barista that isn't lost behind her machine. From her no-filter chat about anything and everything (ultimately, you'll just get 'hot' when asked how she is) with her customers, you'll wish the waiting time for your coffee was a little longer. 



Let's put it this way: we would all be deprived of chicken noodle salad if it weren't for Dave. The other half of Knickknack's reason for existence is a classic French bistro-trained chef that has a special place in his heart for sarcasm, his bright Hawaiian shirts, and Waan. ​

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